About Us


  • To promote the social, cultural and educational interest of the people residing in Panipat and in Haryana.
  • To promote Self Reliance among the people both in the urban and the rural area.
  • To Print and public Magazines, Literature, Essays, Posters, Booklets etc.
  • To hold Symposiums, Seminars and meetings to enable the community people educate.


To be one the centers of excellence in teacher's education based on Indian Vedic Culture and Ethos coupled with modernity.


  • To develop love and passion for teaching in pupil-teachers.
  • Motivate our teacher educators to make use of the available E-learning systems in the country.
  • To organize and conduct life in such a way that our life itself will be a message for our students.
  • To impress upon the need to develop to spirit of enquiry among students.
  • Generations, Preservations, and transmission of Knowledge.
  • Building core competencies and adaptability among prospective teachers.


To develop reflective, critical and creative thinking among prospective teachers, inter-personal and social skills along with right attitude and self-motivation for continuous learning among prospective teachers and to bring about physical, emotional, intellectual and ethical integration of student teachers with a view of evolving a 'Complete Teacher' possessing the basic values of secularism, national integration and truthfulness

The vision, mission and objectives of the college are made known to its various stakeholders through display board in the college and through meetings of various committees. The same is also done through various academic activities, co-curricular activities and annual functions. The faculty members are made aware about the same at the time of their appointment in the college.

Our mission is to keep pace with the futuristic growing civilized world society. It intends to develop young student teacher, who possesses knowledge and confidence to adjust to the fast changing world of the competitive scenario without losing traces of humanity.

The following goals and objectives have been laid down by our institution to realize the vision to fulfill the mission of the College.

  • To help future prospective teachers to develop competence to each subjects of their specialization, on the basis of an adequate theory of learning and sound knowledge of the subjects.
  • To enable the prospective teachers to use their skills in an intelligent manners.
  • To enable them to receive quality education.
  • To impart sound and all round education to the student teachers.
  • To provide proper orientation to them, aimed at drawing their potentialities.
  • To equip them with the futuristic outlook, suitable to the nation development

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